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From: Amy Howard

Dear Frustrated Vehicle Owner:

Hi!  My name is Amy Howard.  For years I searched for ways to save money on gas, to increase the gas mileage of my vehicles, and reduce emissions without compromising performance or going into debt buying an expensive smaller car when my current vehicle was perfectly fine.  I am writing you now because I have recently found some very startling discoveries that will benefit you in a big way.

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I Was Spending More And More Every Time I Went To The Gas Station.  It wasn't that long ago that I could go to the gas station with a $20 and fill up my gas tank and still have enough left over to get a snack and a soda.  Now I spend more than twice that to fill up my vehicle.
I like my vehicle and I did not want to drive a little tin can on wheels just so I can save money on gas.  So, I went looking for ways to increase my gas mileage.

I had tried practically everything I could get my hot little hands around to increase my gas mileage. Experimenting with every fuel saving device, trying anything that said I would get better fuel economy.  You know the routine.  If it was on the market and it said it would increase gas mileage, I had to try it. There was a problem though. Nothing worked!
Everything making claims to give me the best gas mileage, double my gas mileage, or whatever their claim stated, turned out to be an expensive mechanical device that required a mechanic to install, or cost more than the savings justified, nothing provided any type of savings and some products were actually harming my vehicles and causing them to perform sluggishly.

I Finally Took A Look At What The Oil Companies And
Auto Manufacturers Were Doing And I Was Shocked!

What I discovered wasn't pretty.

Oil companies and auto manufactures don't want the truth publicized.  Why would they?  If we find out how to improve our gas mileage, oil companies lose profits.  If auto manufactures are told that their engines aren't as effective or as fuel efficient as they could be or they were the reason that air pollution is as bas as it is, they would lose trust, respect, and most importantly, they would lose market share.

Through my countless hours of research and due diligence, I finally figured out the hidden secrets of how ordinary people like you and I can actually increase our gas mileage by as much as 30%. The ironic thing is that the information I'll be sharing in 'The Fuel Saving Secret Report' doesn't take a scientist or an engineer to understand. I'll explain everything in laymen's terms that is easy to follow and more importantly for you, easy to implement.

In Fact, You Could Be Slashing Your Fuel Bill 
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Literally, within 24 hours of reading this, you too can be saving an insane amount of money every time you go to the gas station, slashing your fuel bill, and helping our environment as well by reducing nasty vehicle emissions that are being released into our atmosphere.


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Here Is Just A Sampling Of What You Are About To Discover...


A gem that will have your vehicle burning fuel more efficiently-most engines don't burn 100% of its fuel.  Knowing this gem can save you buckets of money on your gas bill.

A secret that the auto manufacturers do not want you to know that will save you up to 50 cents per gallon every time you use it.

A hush-hush tidbit that your mechanic will wish you didn't know - cutting your vehicle maintenance costs by as much as 50%

A simple gas saving secret that can increase your gas mileage by a mind numbing 30%
A answer to reducing your vehicles emissions by a walloping 75% (without sacrificing horsepower, performance, or upgrading to a hybrid)

It is because of my disgust with what the big oil companies and auto manufactures are doing to the little guy that I am sharing the information in my money saving report, 'Fuel Saving Secret Report'.  This same information has already led to thousands of people changing their lives and in a big, big way.
There is a catch:
Because I personally work with recipients of this information to personally advise and assist them with implementing this knowledge, I strictly limit distribution to just 25 copies per day.  No exceptions.
My Recommendation To You:
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